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Doors with acoustic panels, hidden doors Importa

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Doors with acoustic panels Importa hidden doors for cinema and sound studios Importa soundproof doors create comfortable interior design. The function of design is letting design function, Doors are not just design it’s also must extend their usage to accomplish the modern noisy life needs.

Importa Classy design with this hidden interior door frame made by Italian patented technology and an aluminium edge on the door makes the door strong and stable. Importa thought  also about Door Function to offer  comfortable interior design.


Importa doors technical characteristics:

Hybrid door technology: aluminium door frame+aluminium door leave with sound resistant Felt

Types of door leave: Different colours  with GCC specs

Hardware: Italy and Portugal

Maximum size: door leave till 1200mm weight till 4000 mm high

Door leaf thickness: 4 8mm and 62 mm

Sides of opening: outside, reverse, sliding, roto doors

Terms of production 5-6 weeks

Fully costume made for your interior design

Location: stock and manufacture DIP2


To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. And that is exactly what Importa called (Quality ).

 Importa doors of the future for the cities of the future. Especially for noisy GCC Cinemas 

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