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ave you ever wondered how the entrance on the train platform number 9¾ at the King`s Cross railway station works? What is its secret? Importa interior designer team guesses that it`s just a high-quality hidden door. If you would like to know more about these secret doors, say «Legilimency» and let`s begin our exciting journey.

There are a lot of synonyms to describe that interior innovation, for example, invisible door. It sounds kind of mysterious, but this invisible effect is easily made by a flush-mounting right into the wall without a frame and often without hardware, too. Such a door is installed with the help of an aluminum casing and hidden hinges.   

The Importa company is a doors supplier from the top European manufacturers to dear UAE customers and clients. In this case, it`s worth noting the style of Italian doors, which have obtained an impeccable reputation as the most appealing and fascinating ones

Here, we gathered several benefits of flush-to-wall import doors:

  • A considerable opportunity to save space in the room. Sliding doors do it during their opening. Hinged ones can be used as a storage place for many numbers of personal stuff such as books (it`s right, all stories about Garry Potter, in particular), pictures, or souvenirs;
  • The significant gains in security. They help to hide valuables, for instance, jewelry, documents, currency, art collection, and so on, from stranger`s eyes;
  • A creation of cozy space. The secret door is a passage to the secret room where one can hideaway at the end of the hard-working day;
  • The easy ways to use, keep clean and be long-time stable standing against twisting;
  • A coming true of design refreshment. They can be decorated with various materials. Solutions are as follows: paint in the same colour as the wall or a contrasting one; a wallpaper of all possible patterns; a wall panel; a stone; a coloured glass; a leather; a mirror; metal inlays; a fabric, etc.  

Concealed doors fit perfectly into the interior of both residential and commercial premises.


Secret doors, concealed doors, hidden doors are the same and these are doors with hidden hinges and an invisible door frame without architraves Importa.

The main advantages of a hidden, concealed door with an aluminum door frame Importa is aluminum in the door frame and aluminum edge in the door leaf. Importa doors are strong, water resistant doors, sound and thermal isolated doors.

Importa  is the first and best concealed, hidden door manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates. We produce hidden concealed secret doors directly in Dubai, DIP2 United Arab Emirates with European patented technology with aluminum in door frame and inside internal doors.

Buy doors directly from the first and best concealed, hidden, secret interior doors manufacturer and supplier Importa company. Our manufactory situated in Dubai Investment Park 2 please make an appointment for a visit.

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