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Doors for beauty clinic with murals made in UAE



Doors for beauty clinic with murals made in UAE


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Importa first hidden doors manufacturer in UAE with hybrid technology introduced  Doors for beauty clinic with murals made together with AntWallhor studio.   Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works It  is the creation of an experience, the process of the said creation and how well it’s organized. On top of that, design is the result, i.e. the things we see, hear, and feel. Importa believes in this , and always looks for the perfect Results . Importa  hybrid modern design doors for gym,with complete aluminum frame and main wooden board  Moisture resistant and  sound proof with hybrid technology and trendy design and  hundred of finishing , Importa Will be a valuable add to your clinic design . Our painting studio will paint a trendy , classy picture on the Yoga  door or any other Door in your clinic. This picture will create the final harmony  between the function and the design of the clinic. Importa hidden door with HPL Finishing will be the most suitable for your clinic door What is important in any beauty clinic is design , it should be modern , trendy, reflect clinic vision and that can easily be applied with our AntWallhor studio by  painting an expressive picture on your clinic door. Secondly, as a clinic cleaning is the most important thing you should pay attention to , and by using Importa hybrid door with HPL finishing you can clean easily the surface , HPLis  easy to clean , unable to scratch and you can sterilize it . Its anti-bacterial surface, because bacteria needs humidity and this type of surface has many layers which prevent water from penetrating inside and as a result No humidity will appear and no bacteria.   Importa doors technical characteristics: Hybrid door technology: aluminum door frame+aluminum door leave with water resistant hmr mdf or hpl -high pressure laminate Types of door leave: Practical primed surfaces or  useful HPL , classy veneer , Traditional stone, luxurious glass and mirror  with GCC specs Maximum size: door leave till 1200mm weight till 4000 mm high Door leaf thickness: 48mm and 62 mm Sides of opening: outside, reverse, sliding, roto doors Hardware : ITALIAN locks & hinges                             FIRST manufacturer of hidden doors in the UAE-Importa We invite the clinic owners, contractors of commercial property and interior designers to cooperate. Let’s make beauty healthy  together.  Send a request for receiving our portfolio  on our WhatsApp number  971 52 512 3323 or on our website  


Secret doors, concealed doors, hidden doors are the same and these are doors with hidden hinges and an invisible door frame without architraves Importa.

The main advantages of a hidden, concealed door with an aluminum door frame Importa is aluminum in the door frame and aluminum edge in the door leaf. Importa doors are strong, water resistant doors, sound and thermal isolated doors.

Importa  is the first and best concealed, hidden door manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates. We produce hidden concealed secret doors directly in Dubai, DIP2 United Arab Emirates with European patented technology with aluminum in door frame and inside internal doors.

Buy doors directly from the first and best concealed, hidden, secret interior doors manufacturer and supplier Importa company. Our manufactory situated in Dubai Investment Park 2 please make an appointment for a visit.


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