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TM Importa- first hidden hybrid doors manufacturer in Middle East

IMPORTA  – is the first manufacturer of hidden doors in Dubai, UAE.

Our doors are made of European components.
Importa produces doors with unique aluminum structures and patented European technology. Our hidden aluminum door frame makes Importa doors strong, water-resistant, and soundproof. 

Our main advantage is short terms of production till 1 month and a door stock program. 

 The invisible super-strong design of the hidden door of the Importa makes our UAE doors strong. They can be of non-standard height, width, opening option, and at the same time flush with the wall. 

Doors can be produced on two sides with different covering inside & outside.

 Let’s design hidden doors for your villa, apartment, or commercial project.

 Because of 10 years of success in Europe, we have local partners or manufacturers in 5 countries such as Italy, Ukraine, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

Also we can offer you door hardwares of the best European brands, hidden aluminum skirting etc.

We implement the best European experience in the Middle East.

IMPORTA – doors of the future for cities of the future.

Importa- hybrid doors of the future for cities of the future. 

And for us it’s not only a word. Importa doors with modern and variable design that can be personalised for any interior design. Construction of concealed interior doors Importa is maximum universal and it can be with different types of opening outside, inside, roto doors, pivoting doors, sliding doors.

Importa use European technology of aluminium door frame for interior doors it`s water resistant and sound proof and it`s main difference of our doors from wooden doors.

Our important doorleafs are also with an aluminium frame inside and with a strong metal edge of doors. Our doors are much stronger than wooden and produced especially for GCC specs of whether that’s why they are durable in using. Even after client finish using them, they will be recyclable and sustainable. We think about the future of our countries and about ecology. That’s why Importa – doors of the future for cities of the future.

Contact us for more +971525123323

advantages of Importa doors
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Secret doors, concealed doors, hidden doors are the same and these are doors with hidden hinges and an invisible door frame without architraves Importa.

The main advantages of a hidden, concealed door with an aluminum door frame Importa is aluminum in the door frame and aluminum edge in the door leaf. Importa doors are strong, water resistant doors, sound and thermal isolated doors.

Importa  is the first and best concealed, hidden door manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates. We produce hidden concealed secret doors directly in Dubai, DIP2 United Arab Emirates with European patented technology with aluminum in door frame and inside internal doors.

Buy doors directly from the first and best concealed, hidden, secret interior doors manufacturer and supplier Importa company. Our manufactory situated in Dubai Investment Park 2 please make an appointment for a visit.

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