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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. Importa, the first manufacturer of hidden doors in UAE,  believes that Consumer accountability drives quality and efficiency and almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing… layout, processes, and procedures. That’s why from the very beginning Importa aims to produce correct and original products.


With more than 10 years experience in Europe ,you can be sure that Importa will make its product as it should be. The technology of today uses a variety of different materials but you have to choose the correct and useful one for your production. For that Importa chose Aluminum for Door frame and door  leave base with aluminum profiles systems made by Italian technology.


Advantages of aluminum door frame and door base.


  • Aluminum has a tensile strength of 90MPa, making it very useful for structural materials
  •  SOUND AND SHOCK ABSORPTION Aluminium is a good absorber of sound
  • RESISTANCE TO CORROSION When aluminum gets exposed to air and humid conditions, a layer of oxide skin is formed to protect the aluminum surface from extreme oxidation.
  • Water Resistance and durability for usage


Importa doors are the Future doors. That’s why we invite you to cooperate, collaborate and build cities of the future together.


If you are interested in partnership please send us WhatsApp 

on 971 52 512 3323

Or request in our website


There are traditional hinged doors, hidden concealed doors, interior sliding doors, exterior sliding doors, pivot doors, folding doors, flush-wall doors. rotating internal and external Importa doors.

Importa produce in the UAE interior internal and external doors with different materials of surfaces. We produce in UAEprimed doors, painted doors in color of walls, doors with hpl panels in texture of stones, doors with veneer and texture of best european wood, doors with solid wood panels, doors with coloured glass, doors with mirrors as you wish. For more info call or WhatsApp us.

The price of Dubai doors Imports depends on the sizes of doors, type of opening of doors and material of door surfaces and starts from 3600 AED. Contact us to get a quotation.

Importa doors company is in Dubai. Importa company whose specialization is doors production in the United Arab Emirates.

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