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Doors for nursery and kindergarten with murals school doors supplier UAE



Doors for nursery and kindergarten with murals school doors supplier UAE

Importa is a local manufacturer of interior doors for schools, nurseries, and kindergartens.

Our company can supply doors, door hardware like handles, hinges, cylinders etc directly from Europe.

And Importa can provide for your school painting of individual wall canvas and murals for school interior decor

We are waiting for your request via WhatsApp

+971 52 512 33 23

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A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others.  Importa Believes that Inspiration is part of her values , any product should reflect a value.  Importa  hybrid modern design doors for nursery,with complete aluminum frame and main wooden board  Moisture resistant and  sound proof with hybrid technology and trendy design and  hundred of finishing will inspire nursery creative kids , by painting  cosmic canva and creative photos on kindergarten doors you will enrich the kids imagination .   Children often use art to help them process their experiences and deal with overwhelming emotions. Art provides kids with critical sensory input and can help children express their feelings in a multidimensional way even if they lack the vocabulary to describe their feelings with words.Importa Hidden Door with HPL finishing and AntWallhor studio door picture will be a great combination that will Turn your nursery into inspiring creative healthy environment Importa sound proof Door will decrease the noise and create peace and quiet place HPL surface that will apply on Importa door as one of hundreds of different finishings  will help to keep the space clean , it’s easy to clean , not scratch and anti bacteria. keep your nursery world Healthy , classy, creative By Importa Hidden Door bright design. Importa doors technical characteristics: Hybrid door technology: aluminum door frame+aluminum door leave with water resistant hmr mdf or hpl -high pressure laminate Types of door leave: Practical primed surfaces or  useful HPL , classy veneer , Traditional stone, luxurious glass and mirror  with GCC specs Maximum size: door leave till 1200mm weight till 4000 mm high Door leaf thickness: 48mm and 62 mm Sides of opening: outside, reverse, sliding, roto doors Hardware : ITALIAN locks & hinges                             FIRST manufacturer of hidden doors in the UAE-Importa We invite the Nursery owners, contractors of commercial property and interior designers to cooperate. Let’s contribute to The generation of the future .  Send a request for receiving our portfolio  on our WhatsApp number  971 52 512 3323 or on our website 


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