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Painted Hidden Door From Importa UAE

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here the sunflower of the spring burns bright in the morning’s beam , A sunflower teaches us so much about love .You can share, Happiness, love through choosing  this creative Painted Hidden Door From Importa

هنا تتوهج عباد الشمس في شعاع الصباح ، ويعلمنا عباد الشمس الكثير عن الحب. يمكنك مشاركة السعادة ,الحب  من خلال اختيار هذا الباب الخفي الملون المبتكر من إيمبوربا

  We produce a wide range of custom-made hidden and classic doors from the best European manufacturing countries.High-quality of materials and doors are required Italy- is the best world country manufacturer of doors. That’s why we produce our important doors in Europe. We use the European best furniture and wood surfaces in our hidden doors. Oak, walnut, alder, beech, ash, birch etc all these European woods can be used in your interior doors and create a great Invisible door design with European wood. Importa has more than 500 combinations of materials and surfaces We are a supplier of Invisible door designs with European wood and patented aluminium door frame. We invite you to cooperate.   Invisible door design with European wood characteristics:  
  • OPENING outside/ inside
  • HEIGHT UP TO 4000 MM
  • WIDTH UP TO 1100 MM                               
  • ITALIAN technology                                                          
  • ITALIAN locks & hinges                             
  • FIRST manufacturer of hidden doors in the UAE-Importa
 Call us or send whatsapp for more 971581412366


Hidden,frameless, concealed, secret doors made in the UAE are Importa doors which are installed in one level with your walls without a visible door frame.

The doors of the future are strong, modern, with individual design, eco-friendly and sustainable, Importa-doors of the future.

Yes Importa produces fully customized and individually designed interior hidden doors and you order exclusive designed doors for your project or property.

To turn a door into a work of art, you need to make a hidden primed Importa doors, paint it in the color of your walls and paint an interior mural or picture on it.


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