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Shadow gap ceiling F-Type profile Importa 14mm silver hidden GCC



Hidden skirting and ceiling boards shadow gap are like expensive and refined women’s accessory

They are like a slightly noticeable ring on a lady’s finger.

Or like a pendant on a fragile female neck. They are not the main accent of the interior, but it is not the same without them.

One immediately feels incompleteness and the feeling that something is missing.

Therefore, hidden plinths are the same “expensive ring” that complements a modern interior with invisible installation hidden doors from TM “Importa” in Dubai UAE

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Shadow gap ceiling F-Type profile Importa 14mm silver hidden GCC. The aluminum profile of the shadow gap seam is one of the most aesthetically attractive of the entire line. This model is distinguished by the minimum width of the gap along the entire length, which is 10 mm. It is also worth noting the high strength of aluminum, which withstands mechanical loads. This allows you to install this model even in rooms with a large area. To create light lines, there is a similar model Profile for the ceiling  Advantages of shadow gap ceiling The minimum width of the shadow seam. Due to its unique characteristics, this product is especially relevant for small living rooms or offices. A narrow shadow seam will be almost invisible on the ceiling, even in a limited space. Versatility. Importa aluminum ceiling profile for plasterboard can also be used for other facing materials. For example, panels and decorative inserts. Affordable price. It is quite possible to buy such construction products for repairs in your own apartment or house. The price remains within the range available to every resident of the United Arab Emirates Available in Stock. Our UAE clients have the exclusive possibility of ordering an Importa aluminum shadow ceiling gap any time whatever it needed. Because Importa keeps it usually in stock for more than 1000 meters. Methods of payment and product delivery can be found in the specialized section of our website Write or call us for more info in WhatsApp +971525123323


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