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Doors with kids design Importa. Doors for baby room



Hybrid doors ALUMINUM with WOOD



ITALIAN technology and European door locks & hinges 

Murals can be chosen individually

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Doors with kids design Importa. Doors for baby room   White door with the cute Panda is the Most suitable Hidden door for the kids room. Let your kids’ room be decorated with this painted hidden door From Importa .make them happy and cheerful.

الباب الأبيض مع الباندا اللطيف هو الباب المخفي الأنسب لغرفة الأطفال. اجعل غرفة أطفالك مزينة بهذا الباب المخفي الملون من امبورتا. اجعلهم سعداء مبتهجين.

  The main advantages of secret doors: Unique patented construction Modern minimalistic Italian design Reliable construction The frame is made of aluminum Possibility of various surface options (painted surfaces, tiles, porcelain stoneware, veneer, mirror, glass, HPL panels, etc.) The possibility of combining different surfaces on 2 sides Аluminum edge in the door leaf – it will be much more difficult to damage the veneer, break a mirror or another type of surface. Ideal construction for warm climatic zones Not afraid of water or moisture. (unlike wooden or MDF analogues) Modern adjustable 3D hinges, and Italian hardware A variety of additional options (hidden sliding threshold, magnetic stopper, hinges with tightening) Better sound and thermal insulation Possibility to manufacture doors in large dimensions Construction with the possibility of restoration or replacement of individual elements Making doors flush with the wall, opening both outwards and inwards The possibility of installing frames separately from door leaves    Call us or send whatsapp for more 971581412366 


Secret doors, concealed doors, hidden doors are the same and these are doors with hidden hinges and an invisible door frame without architraves Importa.

The main advantages of a hidden, concealed door with an aluminum door frame Importa is aluminum in the door frame and aluminum edge in the door leaf. Importa doors are strong, water resistant doors, sound and thermal isolated doors.

Importa  is the first and best concealed, hidden door manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates. We produce hidden concealed secret doors directly in Dubai, DIP2 United Arab Emirates with European patented technology with aluminum in door frame and inside internal doors.

Buy doors directly from the first and best concealed, hidden, secret interior doors manufacturer and supplier Importa company. Our manufactory situated in Dubai Investment Park 2 please make an appointment for a visit.


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