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Doors with mountains Importa painted Dubai



Hybrid doors ALUMINUM with WOOD



ITALIAN technology and European door locks & hinges 

Murals can be chosen individually

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Doors with mountains Importa painted Dubai The new sight of Nature made us rejoice like a child, Let our painted door of nature reflects peace and joy in your room , River , grass, stone house , snow on the mountain you will feel that you are  there in the middle of the nature  

إن المنظر الجديد للطبيعة يجعلنا نفرح كالأطفال ، دع باب الطبيعة المرسوم الخاص بنا يعكس السلام والفرح في غرفتك ، النهر ، العشب ، المنزل الحجري ، الثلج على الجبل ، سيشعرونك أنك وسط الطبيعة

  Hidden installation doors are a new modern type of door that began its history in Italy, and thanks to its perfect design and well-thought-out selection of materials for its production, has gained recognition all over the world and in the United Arab Emirates also. The main difference between hidden doors is that they are without architraves. Thanks to this, it is possible to mount them flush with the wall. This creates a refined and minimalistic design. In addition, the materials of the door leaf allow you to paint it with wall paint or glue wallpaper on it, making them as inconspicuous as possible. In the production of hidden doors with wood surfaces, we use veneer or mdf panels for decorating and surface covering. The veneer can be used from different types of wood: walnut, alder, beech, ash, birch and Oak. All these kinds of wood are unique with natural colours and texture. Hidden doors designed with wood surfaces characteristics:  
  • OPENING outside/ inside
  • HEIGHT UP TO 4000 MM
  • WIDTH UP TO 1100 MM                               
  • ITALIAN technology                                                          
  • ITALIAN locks & hinges                             
  • FIRST manufacturer of hidden doors in the UAE-Importa
  Attention, true hidden Importa doors only with an aluminum frame! Importa has unique patented technology. True hidden installation doors are made with an aluminum frame. It is the aluminum frame that allows it to be plastered into the wall and serve for a long time without changing the geometry. For example, instead of an aluminum frame, other manufacturers can often be suggested to use another material like wood or MDF in the door frame but it’s prohibited in UAE climate.  That’s why if you are looking for real hidden doors for your important interior use only hidden doors with aluminum door frames. Correct hidden doors only with an aluminum frame Importa Call us for prices of hidden doors designed with wood surfaces  Call us or send whatsapp for more 971581412366


Hidden,frameless, concealed, secret doors made in the UAE are Importa doors which are installed in one level with your walls without a visible door frame.

The doors of the future are strong, modern, with individual design, eco-friendly and sustainable, Importa-doors of the future.

Yes Importa produces fully customized and individually designed interior hidden doors and you order exclusive designed doors for your project or property.

To turn a door into a work of art, you need to make a hidden primed Importa doors, paint it in the color of your walls and paint an interior mural or picture on it.


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