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The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a door for a dressing room is the type of construction. After all, it affects the rational use of space, the method of control and operation of the door opening system. There are many structural varieties, the choice of which should be made based on the area of ​​the wardrobe and the room, the general style of the interior and personal preferences.

Sliding doors to the dressing room

The door leafs move in parallel with the help of rollers along special guides (upper), they run into each other without touching each other. Such compartment doors are in great demand, because they allow you to save and use the useful area optimally. They are made in numerous design options.

Hinged door to the dressing room

A traditional version with a standard design, in which the door leaves are hung on hinges, is common. Single- and double-leaf doors provide a full view of the space when opened. The installation of such systems requires the availability of sufficient space for opening the door leaves, so they are not used in rooms with a limited area.


Louvered door to the dressing room

Practical and original design, the main advantage of which is breathability. Air currents enter the wardrobe through the gaps between numerous thin rails, providing an optimal microclimate and ventilation of the space. Most often, the structures are made of wood, which allows them to harmoniously fit into various interior styles.

Folding door to the dressing room (accordion and book)

The designs are distinguished by their comfort, compactness, elegance and stylish appearance. The door of the book consists of two leaves that fold in half and move aside, which requires the presence of free space for the width of the leaf. The “accordion” assembly mechanism has a similar operating principle, but it differs in that the door leaf is not made of two parts, but of more fragments. The door to the accordion wardrobe can consist of one wide or two folding leaves.

Sliding door to the dressing room (pencil case)

A compact and functional model, equipped with a special mechanism, thanks to which the door leaf rolls to the side and hides in a niche located in the wall. An excellent solution for small rooms, but requires complex work in the form of wall cladding. As a rule, such structures are installed in the premises that were foreseen at the stage of designing the house. Case doors can consist of one or two leaves, each of which goes into a side niche.


Secret door to the dressing room

Concealed doors or invisible doors, which are popular in modern interiors, will help create the most inconspicuous entrance. The door leaf without a box and unnecessary accessories looks as organic and inconspicuous as possible, as it is disguised as wall decoration. As a result, the room acquires a complete look, and the dressing room turns out to be hidden.

Rotary door to the dressing room

An original modern design, the principle of which is based on a special rotary mechanism (roto-mechanism). Thanks to this, the door leaf rotates freely around its axis, opening in any direction. This option requires free space, so it is suitable only for spacious rooms. It looks non-standard and fashionable, suitable for loft and hi-tech styles.


There are traditional hinged doors, hidden concealed doors, interior sliding doors, exterior sliding doors, pivot doors, folding doors, flush-wall doors. rotating internal and external Importa doors.

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